Meet the Makers

Thom & Tea

Thom & Tea, based in Killearn, was founded by Diane who is passionate about her tea! Diane lived and worked in London for 18 years and by taking her experience of past travels and work life and combining a passion for tea and equal love of cities, and the great outdoors, Thom & Tea is a wholesome, contemporary brand built on nothing but quality produce and excellent service.

Thom is Diane's great grandfather who worked on tea plantations in India and so tea has always been a part of family life. Ethically sourced and blended in Scotland, their range of black, herbal and rooibos teas are prepared in pyramid bag infusers enabling the finest quality tea for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.


Stirling Tablet

​As a young girl, Suzanne would often spend a Saturday helping her Gran make tablet. The excitement and anticipation was almost unbearable when placing the initial ingredients in the mixing pot, she could already imagine the pieces of sweet, buttery delights crumbling and melting in her mouth. When finally ready the flavours and textures always exceeded expectations.

Suzanne has continued to make this tablet for family and friends, sharing the very same cooking experience with her own children. All who taste the tablet fall in love with it, always say it tastes like no other and wonder why I have never attempted to sell it. So in 2018, after 30 years in the making, Stirling Tablet was born. This is an original home grown product and once you have tried it you’ll never look back.

The Whisky Sauce Co.

The Whisky Sauce Company was born out of a passion for good food and a love of whisky in the heart of Tayside. It is Grant's intention with his range of sweet and savoury sauces to make great food even greater. These are made with quality ingredients free from colourings, flavouring and preservatives, leaving room for their favourite ingredient, Scotch Whisky. Don't drink and drive! Check out his website for ideas and recipes using these fabulous sauces.


Chocolat Blanc

Joanne at Chocolat Blanc firmly believes the best things in life are sweet! Based in Hamilton, Joanne is passionate about creating luxury artisan chocolates for her discerning customers, and does this around family life whilst raising her two beautiful sons. With an eye for detail and strive for perfection, Joanne hand transfers all chocolate designs and even writes her own labels. She caters for all occasions so keep a look out for the seasonal products in our hampers throughout the year.


Pinnies & Poppy Seeds

Pinnies & Poppy Seeds specialise in creating delicious, handmade shortbread. Founder Jen searched high and low to find the best local Scottish ingredients, sharing our ethos in #supportlocal, and so every piece of shortbread has a bit of Scotland baked right into it. Started in 2011, Jen began selling her buttery treats at Farmer's Markets. After a few years, she found herself a small, artisan bakery located just off Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile and has been baking shortbread there since 2013!


Perthshire Oatcakes

Also known as The Handmade Oatcake Company, a small family run business based in Crieff, with over 40 years catering experience, located in the Perthshire countryside. They started making oatcakes in their deli in 2005 and after winning various awards, their products were becoming very popular, supplying other delis and farm shops across Scotland.

They renovated an old dairy shed on the farm into what is now kitchen, where time is dedicated to making only oatcakes. Their mission has always been simple – to make great tasting food that people will love. They are proud of being a small independent producer, where the quality and provenance of their products come first. 100% Scottish oatmeal is used to make a variety of oatcakes from recipes handed down over centuries.


iQ Chocolate

Kate and Jane started in 2011 with an assured focus on creating positive calories for healthy eating; henceforth, iQ Chocolate. A goodie-foodie through and through, Kate began her career in a family owned food manufacturing and distribution business before launching iQ. Kate is a dedicated whole food ambassador and a true chocolate alchemist. Jane is a vibrant people person and the voice behind iQ. Jane is a fit-freak and a great advert for chocolate eating!

This superfood chocolate company is based just outside Stirling and make super-delicious healthy chocolate from bean-to-bar. Sweetened with organic coconut blossom nectar, IQ Chocolate is nut free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soya free, low on the glycemic index, and most importantly, guilt free!


The Wee Kitchen Company

Jen is from Stirling and works around family life to create fruit jams and fantastic chilli accompaniments using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. A truly hand made product, Jen chops everything herself and even juices and zests her own limes! Every batch tastes slightly different due to the freshness of the ingredients used. Jen's award winning products are supplied to farm shops, deli's and catering establishments all over the Central Belt, and a few further afield. These products are so versatile and can be used as a dip, marinade, or drizzle on top of your cheese and oatcakes.

G & Sons Sauce Company

Growing up in Italy, Gennaro used to watch his grandmother mix various herbs and spices, creating incredible sauces to complement her dishes. He learned from her and has been recreating her sauces for many years, sharing them with friends and family.

His father was a chef in Edinburgh and his influence, coupled with Gennaro’s own experiences working with colleagues from around the world inspired him to look further when it came to creating unique recipes and his chilli sauce is truly unique.



Stewart was an accountant and finance director in Edinburgh and London before starting a family and moving back to Scotland. After 20 years in the rat race, he decided to focus on what he loves, and do it slightly differently.

Stewart now hand-roasts in small batches in his micro-roastery in Dollar. Each batch is tailored to preserve and enhance the unique characteristics of the premium green coffee beans that they've individually selected. All their green beans come from direct importers and they strive to buy from source growers who respect the rights of their workers and who co-operate with agencies working to preserve the natural environment.


Little Doone

Little Doone are a very small family run business based just outside Stirling. Colin started the business after being disappointed with supermarket balsamic vinegars and decided to make his own. After some trial and lots of error – including vinegar fumes powerful enough to strip paint and wasted pots with an inch of solid black tar on the bottom – he came up with his secret black magic formula. This proved so popular with family and friends that when the company he worked for closed down, there was no other option than to share this wonderful taste sensation with the world. They have a range of delightful dressings, all based on the deep, full flavours of the original balsamic vinegar.


Salt Pig Sea Salts

Salt Pig Sea Salts, is a micro business which came about because of Jim's love of cooking. When looking for an alternative to Table Salt he found that most Sea Salt mixes where either not a good Salt / Herb ratio or the Salts where too coarse, and so set about finding a finer Sea Salt that was not to coarse and was kind to grinders.

The result was as you can see and taste today. Almost perfect blends of a small grained Coarse Sea Salt and quality Herbs.


The Real Hot Chocolate Company

The Real Hot Chocolate Company began with a collaboration of the skill and experience of a Belgian trained chocolatier and the creative passion of an entrepreneur. Crafting the most luxurious drinking chocolate from the finest malagasy chocolate, blended with choice ingredients, The Real Hot Chocolate Company is proud to serve a selection of top quality hot chocolates for you to savour and enjoy.


Wild Fig Foods

Established in 2011 the creative skills of Justin and Nicola Maule came together, founding a business that’s aim was to deliver a high quality catering service that was personal, that used the very best in locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, with no compromise on flavour.

While still continuing to cater for all manner of events, Wild Fig has expanded, moving into new markets with their growing range of produce. They now bring the same high quality product to the kitchen and dining tables of homes around the world. Each product is expertly produced in small batches and contains only simple, natural ingredients – offering a sophisticated edge to your morning toast, cheeseboard or favourite dessert.


Summer Harvest

Mark and Maggie’s family have been farming the green hills of the Strathearn Valley Perthshire for over 130 years, the last fifty of them on Ferneyfold Farm just ten miles north of Gleneagles between Perth and Crieff.

Everything they need to make the perfect bottle of Summer Harvest is found on Ferneyfold’s 400 acres – they grow all of their own crops, press all of their oil and watch every finished bottle leave by the same farm road used to reach the barns and the fields. Every bottle of Summer Harvest contains a little bit of Perthshire and a great deal of Ferneyfold love and attention.


Scotia Spice

Yasmin’s family comes from the Pakistani Punjab where facilities were basic but food was abundant. It was grown on the family farm, cooked simply and spiced with the creativity that comes from generations of understanding flavour. It’s one pot cooking of the very best kind. Showing people how easy it is to make Yasmin’s food in their own homes is something she cares deeply about, whether it be at her cookery school which she launched in 2006 or using a home cookery kit which gives you everything you need to cook the food Yasmin grew up with yourself.


The Pea Green Boat

It was a meticulous and passionate foodie who developed The Pea Green Boat's Cheese sablé recipe. Having been disappointed time and again by bought cheese biscuits, Hugh Corbin set out to make the ultimate cheese biscuit. There were many trials and tribulations, but finally he landed on THE recipe - a small but exceptionally cheesy biscuit which is mouthwatering-ly good.

It was Hugh's daughter, Maddy, who decided to capitalise on her father's invention. Moored in Leith, Edinburgh, Maddy established the small artisan bakery which has created a niche for itself making biscuits unlike any others - exceptional Cheese Sablés, made to her father's original recipe. Several years on, they continue to be made by hand and are now stocked by around 90 of the best food shops in the UK.


Isle of Arran Cheese

Isle of Arran Cheese is crafted at the Torrylinn Creamery, nestled on the southern tip of Scotland's idyllic Isle of Arran, Isle of Arran cheddar is made by hand and in open vats, using traditional methods that have been passed down through the generations.  The milk comes from just two farms.


The Bonnie Sauce Company

After spending years working in the Scot-Mex food industry in the heart of Edinburgh making their own sauces, Robyn decided it was time to bring a little bit of flair to public plates. So, The Bonnie Sauce Co. was born. Each of their sauces are lovingly hand-made, packed with flavour, character and versatility. Ready to make any dish shine. Using all natural ingredients, Bonnie Sauces are gluten, soya, egg and dairy free and vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Spice Pots

Melanie has always loved cooking. As a child, hosting an imaginary cookery show from her treehouse, she could make anything with just water, plastic pans and sawdust from her Dad's workshop. Inspired by 6 months in India, spices replaced sawdust as Mel perfected her repertoire of superb home-cooked curries. Three kids later, and with no time for complicated recipes, Mel's signature curries looked set to become a thing of the past - unless she could find a serious short-cut. Spice Pots was launched in 2013 from her home kitchen (sawdust free) in East Lothian and now anyone can make a delicious curry, without the hassle. You won't find any long ingredients list and complicated recipes with Spice Pots. It's simples! Each aromatic pot is still hand-filled in Scotland and contain only the finest spices - no fillers, no nasties. The pots are gluten free and contain no sugar or salt.


Katy Cloud Marshmallows

Inge has been cooking/experimenting in the kitchen from a young age. After making chocolate éclairs with her granny when she was little and surprising her mum with them, the happiness on her face made Inge realise that baking/cooking was a fun way to bring joy to others. A few years ago Inge started a home business making cupcakes and had a fab time supplying local markets and parties with these yummy creations. In 2014 she was looking for something new to try and came across homemade marshmallows. So out came the KitchinAid and the first batch was made and given to family and friends. They were so delighted with the results everyone suggested that she should offer them to the public...! Inge’s handmade marshmallows are the lightest of light, using only natural ingredients, with unmatched volume and subtlety of flavour. These small batch, hand cut marshmallows are made with unique flavours, fulfilling every palate from childhood favourites (lemon sherbet, to sophisticated, grown-up Gin & Tonic). Oh, and of course, lots and lots of love.


The Very Lovely Sauce Company

The very first Very Lovely Sauce came about after Michelle had a Sunday lunch with friends. She concentrated so hard on creating a super splendid main course that she had overlooked dessert, a fact which only occurred to her when the children asked what was for pudding. Michelle delved into the freezer for vanilla ice cream and confidently pimped it to an acceptable culinary level by whipping up a batch of sea-salted caramel sauce as topping. It was hailed by all as very lovely indeed – and she decided from that point on that she must make sauce! In August 2015 The Very Lovely Sauce Company was formed and in October of the same year production started. They are proud to hand-make all of our sauces in small batches and ensure the contents of each jar are of the highest quality and contain as much love as they can squeeze in.


Smoky Brae

Smoky Brae (translation - Smoky Hillside) was originally inspired by a move to a small village in the country right in the heart of beautiful Scotland. The village sits on top of a hillside, aka 'Brae'. This escape from city life provided the opportunity to experiment with their love of good quality food and local produce, they have our own wee micro farm to grow their own fruit and veg. Graham LOVES good sticky bbq ribs - this is what fuelled his passion to create Smoky Brae Smoked Sugar. The original plan was to create an EPIC bbq sauce, this led to lots of experimenting to perfect the sauce, one item that he felt was missing was a smoky flavour - Smoky Brae was born...... Every ingredient is NATURALLY smoked in their traditional family run smokehouse, handmade and in small batches. What started out as a garden experiment has now expanded to their own purpose built smokery to allow them to produce and sell their smoked products on a local and national level.


Hawkhead Kitchen

As chefs based in France, Chris and his partner returned to Glasgow with a love for smoked salmon and slow cooked bbq.  While curing salmon for the smoker, they decided to smoke the salt before they cured to give the salmon a double smoke effect.  The results were outstanding and when they realised the real winner was the salt, they started experimenting with adding smoke to their existing cashew recipes and the range was complete. They set up in the old buildings of the Hawkhead Asylum and so Hawkhead Kitchen was born. Hawkhead cashews & salts are now smoked over whisky barrel oak sourced from Lowland Distilleries. Their smoking wood starts its journey in America as bourbon casks before shipping to Scotland to age whisky. When the barrels age out, they break down the staves and use them in their smokehouse. This is what gives us a rich but mellow taste.


Braw Biltong

Let down by the lack of quality Biltong readily available, Chris and his team decided to take matters into their own hands and make proper Biltong. Spurred on by their superior product and a growing hatred of the Jerky style Biltong available in the UK it was time to create something Braw! Braw Biltong are on a mission to replace generic, bland snacks and deli meats with quality meat snacks and modern charcuterie. Braw Biltong Co use meat supplied by The Buffalo Farm in Fife. They provide a range of high quality meats and fresh products and are passionate about their animals and how they are looked after and fed. They use traditional farming methods with as little intervention as is best for the animals.


Rebel Chocolate

Once an immunologist, Neil is exceptionally well qualified in making healthier chocolate in his shipping container in Glasgow. Using his scientific knowledge, Neil set out to reformulate chocolate; to minimise the bad (excessive sugar) and maximise the good (high quality cocoa), improving it's nutritional profile. As well as a whopping 57% cocoa in their milk chocolate, Neil's chocolate has an increased protein content (25%) and is lactose free, with the use of lactose-free whey protein and whole milk powder. Neil now produces 4 different types of healthier chocolate - Belgian milk chocolate, Colombian single origin, Madagascan single estate and white chocolate, all of which are absolutely awesome. Get a little Rebel in ya!


Sparklingly Sober

Craig and Hannah, the team behind Sparklingly Sober in Port Glasgow, are responding to the increasing number of people seeking a healthier lifestyle and reducing their alcohol intake. They believed the choice on the market made it feel more like a punishment not to drink alcohol, rather than a positive lifestyle choice and so in 2018, they produced Sparklingly Sober which fits the bill perfectly.


Stag Design

The Stag Design team specialise in laser wood engraving, creating personalised wooden gifts near Culross in Fife. They are a small team who take great pride in their work, with their high quality products made with great care and attention. They manufacture our wooden gifts especially for us with our quaich logo on the top.


Angels' Share Glass

Angels' Share are a small team who make whisky gifts and glassware and include the master glassblower Tom Young, who has commissioned glass pieces for high profile figures and companies all over the world, and even received an MBE for services to the glass industry! Karen Sommerville drives this small business based in Bridge of Allan forward and designs and innovates new ways to bring the specialist glassware to the customer.



Jock make unique Scottish gifts that are bright, bold and trendy featuring fun (and sometimes cheeky) Scottish banter. Made in Scotland.

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