This fudge is handmade by the amazing makers The Ochil Fudge pantry in Stirlingshire 

Beautiful old-fashioned intense butterscotch flavour.

A traditional recipe that will evoke childhood memories, the slow caramelization of the brown sugar making a perfect butterscotch finish and a beautiful deep sweet taste.

The butter fudge range is a proper old-fashioned butter rich fudge handcrafted using traditional homemade methods. It has a soft crumbly texture of proper butter fudges and it just deliciously melts in the mouth.



All products we produce are naturally Gluten Free and can be enjoyed by everyone including those with Celiac Disease or indeed anyone with a Wheat or Gluten intolerance.

All our fudges are handmade and hand-beaten using traditional homemade methods and old-fashioned recipes in small batches with a great deal of love and care.


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