Cheddar Cheese with Chilli

The pungent chilli seeds combined with the smooth Scottish cheddar give an awakening after kick.  Holy smokes!

Cow's MILK, salt, vegetarian rennet, chilli (<1%). 200g 

Gordon and Margo uprooted to Arran in 2003, where they bought the Island Cheese Company and Bellevue Cheese Company to become the Isle of Arran Cheese Shop. A true family run business, Gordon's on created the company website and Margo's brother snd his family sell their cheese at about 12 farmers markets each month. Even their 12 year old daughter works the odd shift in the shop to earn some extra money! Isle of Arran Cheese can be found at various exhibitions, Christmas markets, specialist food shops, deli’s, farm shops and restaurants. Gordon still lives by the very same motto after all these years to make a first class product every time, employ good people, and treat customers and staff the way he would like to be treated himself.


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