Madagascan single estate milk Chocolate 90g

What can we say about our Madagascan milk chocolate? We love it, love it, love it!

Honestly and truly, of all the chocolate I have tasted, it is chocolate made with this Madagascan cocoa that I will be asking for if it were to be my last piece of chocolate.

To make our Madagascan milk chocolate we use cocoa from the naturally organic Sambirano valley in Madagascar. We blend this with our signature mix of lactose-free whey protein, lactose-free whole milk powder and sugar. We then grind this heavenly concoction in our stone on stone grinder for at least 72 hours, in a process called conching. The resulting chocolate really is something truly special.

Firstly you will notice the chocolate is lighter in colour than the chocolate we make using African or Columbian cocoa. What’s more, the flavour is distinctly “fruity”.

Madagascan milk chocolate – less sugar, more cocoa, lactose & gluten-free and 25% protein!

Get a little REBEL in ya!

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