Hot Chilli Sauce

Like things a little hot and spicy?  Then this chilli sauce is for you!  Ideal to add to the flavour of all sorts of foods.  Use it as a dip for your favourite snacks, drizzle over your veggies, meats or potatoes to spice them up, or add to your favourite dishes.

The Dante D Foundation: 10% of G & Sons profits go to help raise awareness of Wilson’s disease.

Tomatoes 65%, vegetable oil, garlic, malt vinegar (BARLEY), water, sugar and spices. 250ml

Growing up in Italy, Gennaro used to watch his grandmother mix various herbs and spices, creating incredible sauces to complement her dishes. He learned from her and has been recreating her sauces for many years, sharing them with friends and family.

His father was a chef in Edinburgh and his influence, coupled with Gennaro’s own experiences working with colleagues from around the world inspired him to look further when it came to creating unique recipes and his chilli sauce is truly unique.


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