Korma Spice Pot

This spice blend is mild but fragrant with an authentic taste to make simple and delicious Indian-inspired food.  Use to make a curry or daal, season soups, samosas, salads and much more.  The pots are store cupboard essentials, ensuring you can make tasty meals with very basic ingredients.  

The pots contain only the highest grade spices (no nasties) and are naturally gluten, salt and sugar free.  

Coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and cardamom. 35g 

Melanie has always loved cooking. As a child, hosting an imaginary cookery show from her treehouse, she could make anything with just water, plastic pans and sawdust from her Dad's workshop. Inspired by 6 months in India, spices replaced sawdust as Mel perfected her repertoire of superb home-cooked curries. Three kids later, and with no time for complicated recipes, Mel's signature curries looked set to become a thing of the past - unless she could find a serious short-cut. Spice Pots was launched in 2013 from her home kitchen (sawdust free) in East Lothian and now anyone can make a delicious curry, without the hassle. You won't find any long ingredients list and complicated recipes with Spice Pots. It's simples! Each aromatic pot is still hand-filled in Scotland and contain only the finest spices - no fillers, no nasties. The pots are gluten free and contain no sugar or salt.

Visit www.spicepots.com

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