Firecracker Whisky smoked cashews

These exceedingly moreish cashew nuts have been created for those that enjoy a little kick.  Japanese spices are used to give a unique taste and are the perfect balance to the sweet soy.  The challenge is to not eat the whole bag in one sitting!

Small batch produced using oak wood whisky casks 

Firecracker Cashew Nuts (Nuts), Soy Sauce (Soya), Nanami Togarashi( Chilli pepper, fried mandarin Peel, Black sesame seeds Aonori Seaweed, White sesame seeds, Japanese sansho pepper, ginger) (sesame), sugar, Whisky Oak Smoke. allergens in BOLD 

As chefs based in France, Chris and his partner returned to Glasgow with a love for smoked salmon and slow cooked bbq.  While curing salmon for the smoker, they decided to smoke the salt before they cured to give the salmon a double smoke effect.  The results were outstanding and when they realised the real winner was the salt, they started experimenting with adding smoke to their existing cashew recipes and the range was complete. They set up in the old buildings of the Hawkhead Asylum and so Hawkhead Kitchen was born. Hawkhead cashews & salts are now smoked over whisky barrel oak sourced from Lowland Distilleries. Their smoking wood starts its journey in America as bourbon casks before shipping to Scotland to age whisky. When the barrels age out, they break down the staves and use them in their smokehouse. This is what gives us a rich but mellow taste.


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