Scotch Whisky Syrup

A rich and sweet dessert sauce to pour over pancakes, ice cream, bananas, porridge, baked ham, and puddings.  Alternatively, add to coffee for an alcoholic kick!

Partially inverted sugar syrup, scotch malt whisky (12%), water, spices. alc 4.8% vol. 125ml

Suitable for vegetarians

The Whisky Sauce Company was born out of a passion for good food and a love of whisky in the heart of Tayside. It is Grant's intention with his range of sweet and savoury sauces to make great food even greater. These are made with quality ingredients free from colourings, flavouring and preservatives, leaving room for their favourite ingredient, Scotch Whisky. Don't drink and drive! Check out his website for ideas and recipes using these fabulous sauces.


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