Smoked Pepper

This coarse black pepper has been naturally smoked low and slow in a traditional family run smokehouse using a secret blend of hardwoods.

Amazing as a seasoning to burgers, steaks, pasta and vegetables.  Or sprinkle a little over your dish to give it a subtle smoky peppery bite.

Coarse black pepper.  

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.  Gluten free.  30g

Smoky Brae (translation - Smoky Hillside) was originally inspired by a move to a small village in the country right in the heart of beautiful Scotland. The village sits on top of a hillside, aka 'Brae'. This escape from city life provided the opportunity to experiment with their love of good quality food and local produce, they have our own wee micro farm to grow their own fruit and veg. Graham LOVES good sticky bbq ribs - this is what fuelled his passion to create Smoky Brae Smoked Sugar. The original plan was to create an EPIC bbq sauce, this led to lots of experimenting to perfect the sauce, one item that he felt was missing was a smoky flavour - Smoky Brae was born...... Every ingredient is NATURALLY smoked in their traditional family run smokehouse, handmade and in small batches. What started out as a garden experiment has now expanded to their own purpose built smokery to allow them to produce and sell their smoked products on a local and national level.


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