Take some time out ..

This box has been created to encourage the recipient to take some time out for themselves with some lovely artisan products . 

  • We have added lavender bath salts from The Glasgow Soap company to encourage a relaxing soak in the bath then hopefully a good sleep with follow 


  •  a solid shaving soap and brush as we aren’t getting out for our waxing just now ... So we are having to go back to razors to shave ...


  • a handmade hair scrunchie to put your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun in style .. 


  • a sweet dreams aromatherapy roller ball to run on pulse points before bed to encourage sleep / or a de stress one to help alleviate out stresses throughout the day . 


  • soothing nettle soap as it will help soothe any irritated skin (we love the tin to put it back into so it doesn’t melt all over the place ) 

also you can take it with you on your travels ..


  • a minty mojito lip-balm to care for our lips, as the winter lockdown and heating being on can be very drying .  






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