Say No To Plastic!

Say No To Plastic!

First carrier bags, now straws and coffee cups. It all started in October 2015 with the introduction of the 5p charge for single use carrier bags. This forced the entire country to take notice of the world's plastic problem and caused an 83% reduction of these bags in the first year. Hopefully this has gone a little way to reducing the 10 million tons of plastic that is likely to end up in our seas each year.

The 'final straw' campaign of 2017 asked companies to go straw-free, saving 3 billion straws we throw away in Scotland alone each year. Pizza Express and Wetherspoons are some of the first restaurants and bars to sign up, with Wagamamas vowing to stop providing straws with their drinks by April 2018. There have also been petitions to stop supermarkets selling straws in store.

The turn of the year has seen a suggestion that Britain should start charging a 25p levy on disposable coffee cups and further ban them if the recycling target is not met by 2023. Because of the tightly bonded plastic liner and the difficulties of recycling food and drink plastic, less than 1% of disposable coffee cups are currently recycled. Some coffee shops are now offering discount to customers who bring their own cups and Starbucks have trialed a 5p levy in 25 London stores.

Have you ever considered using your own coffee cup or furthermore, having your own travel press to actually brew your own coffee (or tea!) on the go? At Clan Artisan we have a beautiful Coffee Lovers Hamper which contains the fantastic CounterRoast's Americas Single Origin Ground Coffee and also their Decaf Blend Ground Coffee along with a Bodum Double Walled Travel Press which you can brew and drink from straight away. How many coffee lovers do you know who would love this? For only £40 you can save lengthy expensive trips to the coffee shop, whilst saving the planet. Order from our website, by email at or message us on social media. Say no to plastic!

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