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I have been a small food producer making artisan jams, chutneys and chilli products . My business was called 'The Wee Kitchen Company ‘. 

We won awards.  Our products were really good and I loved doing it for many years.  And as I was 'jamming'  I met lots of other small food producers on my journey at events, who also made their own products . But these amazing products weren't known . They weren't in a typical Scottish hamper.

The  midea of showcasing amazing Scottish and local products,  while delivering them in a luxury gift box,  would this not be the perfect gift for any foodie ?

I originally tried to do this alongside my jam making ...but wrapping gift boxes in cellophane with bows with jams pots bubbling away in the background ... proved rather difficult .

So after meeting at our youngest daughter's activities (with lots of coffee and chat)   Karen Merayo and myself decided to set up Clan Artisan. 

so the work behind the scenes began,  sourcing products and producers to truly showcase our Scottish roots .... that looked and tasted luxurious ... finding the perfect gift box and branding for our idea...it all started to come together. 

Our boxes and branding were just perfect for our plan ...


The company is run solely by myself now , Jen . I have given up the jam making and Karen and I remain friends and regularly catch up for coffee . 

Karen made the choice to leave Clan Artisan due to family life, you can only juggle so much and I had to give up the jam making.  I was over my head doing far to much to. It's not something I regret . I couldn't do both , not with my family life. They will always come first x  

I have learned so much over the years.  The highs and the lows of making your own products and I understand how difficult it is and how lonely it can get in that kitchen. 

It's really important to support small businesses and the local economy. That's just the way of Clan Artisan. Its now my passion to help other people . I believe our products and producers are simply outstanding .


We really hope that you can find the perfect gift here at a Clan Artisan ..we really are so proud of our Scottish products and producers .
please get in touch at :   
I will be happy to help you find that perfect gift 



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