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The concept of supporting local has always been a part of our ethos here at Clan Artisan and our reason this business was created over 4 years ago.  

Supporting local is something we all hear everywhere, and in our first blog of 2022, we just wanted to share some positive insights into how it really worked for us even more during this pandemic.  




Global supplies chains have caused disruptions for most businesses during this pandemic - alongside dealing with staff issues, shortages, rising costs and massive delays in accessing goods.

This in turn frustrates customers and is very challenging to us business owners, as we are trying to hold it all together, maintain our business reputation and our own mental health.


 It really has been a very tough time and to be honest at times with my business, I could have just thrown in the towel and refunded every order. It was just one problem after another.





With the supply chain issues we were all facing, sourcing packaging supplies for our orders was increasingly difficult during this pandemic.  This was the same for nearly all our suppliers.


There is nothing that could be done with the issues out with our control, but there are always solutions when you are working alongside another small business . 


This is made easier when you are dealing with a real person behind a business - not an automated email account. 



When Telfer chocolatiers had a delay with packaging, but we also needed their products urgently, we helped to package their products.  This in turn helped reduce some of their (and our stress) and we got our orders out and it helped build more of a friendship with Andrew and Emma, the real people behind the business – you really don’t mind helping a friend in need. We also got to eat lovely chocolates and fudge that didn’t quite make the grade – it was a win-win for us here.


The Ochil Fudge Pantry created bags of tablet for us last minute for a corporate order, they struggled to get a certain ribbon for the bags, but we just chatted about what they had instead, and it all worked out perfectly.  They were personally delivered to us by Helen a few days later.  We also enjoyed a good old blether (probably more of a vent) at the door regarding all the issues we were having due to this pandemic!  But to be honest – I’ve had a lot of these chats with lots of our producers over Christmas – all with the same issues we all faced and were struggling with.


Sometimes it's nice to be able to build up a relationship with a real person behind a brand who understands the same struggles.


Then when placing orders recently – we asked what was in stock, rather than getting them made just for us.  This minimizes waste and supports the environment.




  • By shopping locally, you can help cut carbon emissions and air pollution and reduce our carbon footprint.


  • Smaller businesses tend to be more mindful with their packaging and are a lot more sustainable.


  •  The extra pennies we pay them can be spent locally – and are much more likely to stay in the community and won’t be entering global bank accounts.  You can also avoid the exploitation used within global brands and the cheap labour they capitalize on


  • When shopping locally you are supporting your own community and can hopefully help create employment there. 


  • You can speak to a real person. 


  • Artisan products are more expensive, but the makers are paid a fairer price for these high-quality products.


  • You are supporting someone’s dream and helping them create a life they have worked so hard for.






We were fortunate our customers were very understanding when some of our products didn’t look exactly the same as the image portrayed on the website or had to be substituted for something else.   


Most people now understand that these common issues are a part of life just now and are completely out of our control. 


Just remember that behind the scenes, us small businesses are working extremely hard to come up with another option or sometimes multiples ones and are juggling lots of plates.


We are so grateful to be able to work alongside other local businesses, to find solutions to some of the common issues we were all facing and found it was a positive experience through this pandemic.



Thank you for reading
Jennifer McEwan



Telfer chocolatiers:


The Ochil fudge pantry:


A Blether – Scottish word for a chat

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