Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing

This delicious dressing is sweet yet sharp, opening up to a beautifully deep, full flavour.  Drizzle over salad or add to oil for dipping, great as a marinade or add to stews and sauces to give depth and complexity.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena (59%)(wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, colour (caramel))(contains SULPHITES), raw cane sugar, vanilla extract, chocolate extract, spices. 250ml

Little Doone do not have nuts in any recipes and have a no nuts policy, but cannot guarantee that nuts are absent from their products.  Although the ingredients include chocolate extract, this is from cocoa, and does not contain milk or milk products.  All products are gluten free, and there is no animal or dairy products in any of their dressings.

Little Doone are a very small family run business based just outside Stirling. Colin started the business after being disappointed with supermarket balsamic vinegars and decided to make his own. After some trial and lots of error – including vinegar fumes powerful enough to strip paint and wasted pots with an inch of solid black tar on the bottom – he came up with his secret black magic formula. This proved so popular with family and friends that when the company he worked for closed down, there was no other option than to share this wonderful taste sensation with the world. They have a range of delightful dressings, all based on the deep, full flavours of the original balsamic vinegar.

Visit www.littledoone.co.uk


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